Poison Ivy All Natural Soap

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Prevent and relieve the effects of poison ivy with this miraculous hand made soap. Allergic reactions to poison ivy are caused by the urushiol oil present in the sap of the plant. This soap uses pig tallow to help dry up the irritating oils, and fresh-picked jewelweed to combat the itchy rash. 

Directions for Use: Wash entire body with the poison ivy soap in lukewarm water. After washing, apply lather to the rash and let dry. Repeat as necessary until rash subsides. Do not use in combination with other soaps.

  • 3 oz.
  • Ingredients: lye, pig tallow (lard), castor oil, vitamin E, and jewelweed
  • Made in the USA
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • For external use only
  • Do not ingest


The Poison Ivy soap is 3 oz. in size.  It is made with: Lye, Pig Tallow (lard), castor oil, vitamin E and JEWELWEED.  This soap stops the itching on contact. The most important aspect of the soap is making sure after you wash with the soap, you rub the lather on the rash and let it dry.  Repeat that process as necessary until the rash is gone. Putting the lather on your skin before exposure, and then washing right after exposure has been shown to help.  Washing in warm water with the soap soon after exposure to the plant will wash the oils of the plant down the drain.  No rash.

Jewelweed is Mother Natures cure for the itch and rash of Poison Ivy, Oak or Poison Sumac. Jewelweed is found in nature, usually, nearby the poison plants. My Soaps uses only fresh picked jewelweed in our soap.

It was once believed that the plants themselves caused an allergic rash and the rash could spread over a persons body or from one person to another. It is now known that allergic reactions from these plants are caused by Urushiol, a sticky lacquer-like substance found in the sap of the plants. When this substance is spread, the rash will spread. If this substance can be removed (it is waterproof), the rash will quit spreading.
Remove the urushiol  Remove the itch  Prevent the rash


After exposure to poison ivy, use the soap exclusively when bathing. Wash your entire body in LUKEWARM water with Poison Ivy Soap; do not use any other soap or body wash at this time as the ingredients may spread the urushiol or irritate any rash. Rinse well. It has shown that if you apply the lather before exposure and then shower immediately after, with the soap it can help with not getting any rash.
 It is the perfect combination of pure soap made with lye, pig tallow, spring water, and the plant jewelweed.  Pig tallow, or lard, will not spread the urushiol oils but will help to dry the oils up.  Jewelweed is an natural antidote that stops the itching on contact and helps to heal the rash.
Soaps made with oils will spread the urushiol and not wash it from your body.


It can be used at any stage following contact, whether used initially to prevent a rash or even several days into an outbreak. It can be used on small areas of suspected contact, or on large outbreaks covering most of the body. Anyone can use the soap-including children, expectant mothers, diabetics, even the elderly, because it is made with all-natural ingredients and does not contain chemicals or harmful ingredients such as alcohol. Poison Ivy soap needs no warning labels. However, as with any soap, avoid contact with the eyes and use externally only.


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